Sunday May 31st Play in the Street Rattray Road 2-6pm Local streets June 28th Yard Sale Children organised.

Yes we are still playing out

This Sunday may 31st  Jane, Aron and MarilynIMG-20140629-WA0004 will be there to  help local children play from 2-6pm. Come and share the fun in a Rattray Road where no cars  can drive though .

Changes afoot. The next play Street June 28th Rattray Road and surrounding streets are having  a Bring and Buy 3-6pmsale   contact us to get involved.

Hello and Good bye to neighbours. Some moved some moving some just moved in. We have had some interest in a street party . One suggestion is to have a street party later in the year say September? We can contact Lambeth and arrange it. Is there anyone interested in getting involved in organising? Bee and Co. are interested in doing Pizza’s and we know D.J’s and some very local bands.


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