‘Wind in the Willows’ coming in the summer to Brockwell Park http://www.younglambethcoop.co.uk/content/making-summer-memorable they need your support

Dear All,
Thanks for sending in your video for the Making Summer Memorable grants – we have some great videos for members to vote on.  The videos are now live on our website and any YLC member can sign in to the site and vote for them.
Anyone who is not a member currently can simply join and then they will be able to vote.  Anyone over the age of 5 (up to 105) can join the YLC simply by signing up on the website and then voting – it sometimes takes a day to approve the membership but they will be emailed back and can vote.  Once people are members of the YLC then they will also get to take advantage of our opportunities such as becoming a young commissioner, help decide on local services, taking part in trips or free tickets to theatres and museums.
Please feel free to encourage your own members and supporters to sign up and vote for your video – it’s free as we don’t want their money just their opinions!
The videos can be viewed here:  http://www.younglambethcoop.co.uk/content/making-summer-memorable and we will be e-mailing all of our members (there are currently almost 3000) today to let them know.  You have until Thursday 11th June to vote.
If you have any queries please let us know at info@younglambethcoop.co.uk otherwise good luck!


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