Great Play Strereet last Sunday Planning our next one June 28th 2-6pm for a yard sale organised by the children.

Alsp please : Check out the best of Lambeth’s writing talent at Brixton Library this Fri & Sat! For tickets: contact: call 07958448690 or go to the Library

Caroline of Rattray Road’s  Sixteen Feet are organising. It was great last year some plays written by under 21yr olds. Prize awarded after judging

No More Starmix by Conor Carroll   •   The Body by Olu Alakija   •   Fault by Holly Robinson

Surveillance by David Lydon   •   It’s My Party by Poppy Corbett   •   The Malteser Falcon by Chazz Redhead

Readers prize to Fluteman by Sandra Wareham and Under 21 prize The Lilies to Riona LMillar

Professional capabilities on our doorstep.


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