Wind in the Willows Request from locals

wind in willows

Wind in the Willows – Walled Garden, Brockwell Park 25th July-2nd August or Streatham Rookery Gardens 13th-16th August Would you be willing to have a board advertising ‘Wind in the Willows’ outside your home? These will be from an estate agent (probably Pedder) promoting the show in the same way they advertise school fetes.  The boards would go up around 11th July (1st August Streatham) and come down week following the production (so w/c 3rd August Brockwell – Streatham w/c17th August).  If you know anyone in the Brixton/Herne Hill?Streatham

If you would be happy to do this please let me know – we haven’t done this before and it could really help with promoting the show. If  you would rather not we completely understand.

Thanks Caroline 07958 448690 (16feet productions are local. ed.)


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