June 28th Yard Sale Rattray Road went well Lamonte from Brixton Community Base did some cartoons

Check out Meeting Monday 6th July 7.30pm Brxiton Community Base Talma Road re: Probert Road Street party


Organised by the local children had some table top stalls for our Rattray Road Play Street Yard Sale Sunday 28h. June went well despite weather .IMG-20140629-WA0000Next one is July 26th.  Volunteers always welcome. contact: effrablog@gmail.com or just come along and join in Children welcome to reclaim the street, with a little help from Adults.

Fun and Games assured. We aso had a call out for helpers for this years Probert Road Street Part y1st August they are having a meet up Monday 6th July 7.30pm  at Brixton Community base, Talma Road. Go and meet discuss give suggestions to Shezhnaz  The main things they need help with are:

1.       Sourcing a sound system for the bands, but they can play
acoustic if needs be

2.       Sourcing a drum kit for the bands, but they can do without if needs be

3.       Sourcing a stage…

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