Oh Pics fo those dog lovers Maggie moved and here’s the new additions

She may have lost her phone but she gained a new house in Hubert grove and 8 extrapuppies puppies !

Neighbourhood is changing lots of movement some sad losses and luckily some  newcomers.

Sammy  a local neighbour from Bankton died suddenly so you may have heard the Nine Nights event which celebrated his life.

This website is for you to use to pass on details of local events.

Some of the users attend Safer Lambeth presentations, some are members of local Community groups. You are welcome to share your news.

September is Lambeth Heriage month: www.lambeth.gov.uk/heritagefestival

Lots of activities in Community venues and Libraries, e.g. talks and walks about the Effra underground, Brixton Market etc. unnamedBrixton Society is celebrating its 40th anniversary at Vida Walsh on September 10th welcome to hear about how it all got started. http://www.brixtonsociety.org.uk

Lambeth Heritage Festival 2015

Posted on: 10th August, 2015 in News

The Lambeth Heritage Festival 2015 will run throughout September and throughout Lambeth. There are many events in and around Brixton. A full programme has been published by Lambeth Archives which will be available in Libraries and other outlets. A pdf version is available to download here.

Later on October 3rd. ‘Fun Palaces’ : http://www.funpalaces.co.uk  are coming to Tate Library Brixton . The Friends are involved with planters,art workshop and links to the Lambeth Libraries Coding club Codor Dojo for children.

Windrush Square has a Friends group also and want some community involvement in the square. If you want more information contact us on effrablog. or email effrablog@gmail.com

Xmas party at BCB post street party Ongoing fun and games organised with Shenaz.Yes i know its early but.

Hi All,

Looks like Monday 24th August is a popular date for the Christmas Party meeting.

Rather than replying by email, I’ve set up a doodle calendar so we can see who’s available to come to the meeting on the night and when the most convenient time is for everyone. Please click on the link below and submit your availability by Saturday 22nd August and then I’ll send out another email confirming the time.


It would be great if we can start spreading the word so that we can have as much help, input, ideas and free stuff as possible. So feel free to forward the Doodle calendar link to everyone that might be interested so we know how many people to expect at the meeting J

Look forward to meeting you all soon, Many thanks, Shehnaz kelett2013 picture of Bouncy castle from a previous summer bash

Summer Fun at Probert leads to Xmas bash at Brixton Community Base ? Are you interested?

Shenaz and Sven local neighbours who organized Prtobert Rd street party are planning an event at Brixton Community Base If interested contact the blog and we’ll forward to them. (Ideas so far)

PART 1 – 50+ People 

6.30 – 7.00 Drinks reception

– 1 free drink included in the price

7.00 – 8.00  Finger Buffet

PART 2 – 100+ People

7.45 Comedy

e.g.a sketch comedian and is currently performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

8.30 Gospel Choir

– Sent out a few emails to local choirs, waiting for prices and availability

9.00 Ballroom/Latin Dance Class

– Salsa lesson at the street party and about 30 people took part

9.45 – 12.00 DJ





I thought we could hold the event on Saturday 5th, 12th or 19th December depending on when the majority of people can make it and when the entertainers are available.