Recent news and Street Champions update 24th and 25th Rattray Road Play Street in October

Mervan Road Street Champions David and Jane want to let  the community know of current developments so we are forwarding this from Jason Prentis of Lambeth. We suggested they came to our area and mentioned that our Rattray Road Play Street initiative is on Sunday 25th October this month, but if they are visiting us on 24th we will let you know.

We’ve now met over 250 Street Champions and have had over 600 people express interest in the project. Many thanks again for your enthusiasm and commitment to your local area. Please let me know if you’ve had a good idea that you think is worth sharing, or you’re looking for advice on tackling an issue that’s important to you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jason Prentis

Preventing dumped rubbish

When I go out to meet Street Champions, the most commonly discussed issue is dumped rubbish. Whether it’s a pile of builders’ rubble, a random mattress or a black bag next to a bin, dumped rubbish is causing much disquiet, so we’re stepping up our efforts to reduce it.

Street Champions Roadshow

On Saturday 24 October we’re holding a Street Champions Roadshow in which Lambeth’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability Jennifer Brathwaite will be travelling around the borough trying to meet as many Street Champions as possible. It’ll be a great opportunity to talk to Jenny about your priorities and to find out her strategies for dealing with them. Karl Bolingbroke pic of Karl Bolingbroke at last years Freshview

Ward councillors and enforcement officers will also be on hand to answer questions. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll get to meet other Street Champions from roads in your area and swap ideas. We’re looking for some good locations for Jenny to visit so please let us know if you’re interested in being involved so we can make the most of everyone’s time.

Extra Enforcement
The council has taken on some additional Enviro-Crime Enforcement Officers on a temporary basis to tackle dumped rubbish in areas that have been highlighted as having particular problems. They’re responding to reports of fly-tipped rubbish, talking to residents about correct waste disposal and handing out fixed penalty notices when evidence pointing to offenders is available. You can find out more by taking part in the roadshow!

Fighting Fly-tips with flowers

The photo at the top of this email is from Mauleverer Road in Brixton and is one example of how our Freshview project is removing hotspots for dumping rubbish by building planters. It’s a simple idea which has really caught on in Lambeth and is brightening up a lot of street corners, nooks and crannies that have hitherto been blighted by rubbish. We’re currently booking for next Spring so if you know of an area that could use the Freshview treatment and you think you could persuade some neighbours to get involved please get in touch.

It’s National Customer Service Week again – doesn’t it come around so quickly? This year we want to highlight work that is being done by Street Champions and our cage crews to reduce and remove dumped rubbish. We’re looking for a volunteer to spend an hour or two one day this week with their local cage crew. They’ll get to see first-hand the work that goes into keeping our streets clean and the scale of the task we all face in trying to encourage better waste disposal. The cages are out between 6am & 2pm but we’re just looking for someone to spend an hour or two so you won’t have to set an early alarm. Interested? Please let me know and I’ll get it all set up.

Our Communications team has asked me to send you the following:

“Have you met a Lambeth Council employee who stands out because they went the extra mile to help you? Perhaps it’s your local street cleaner, housing officer or social worker? The Love Lambeth staff awards take place every year to recognise our very best employees.
Please tell us about someone who deserves a ‘Focuses on Lambeth Citizens Award’.
This could be someone who’s provided exceptional customer service by taking the time to understand your needs, or someone who’s

worked tirelessly to resolve your problems quickly. Or maybe it’s someone who’s adapted the way they do things for the better based on your feedback.
How to nominate someone.
To tell us who you think deserves to win, complete the online nomination form now. The nomination form also includes more guidance on what we’re looking for. Enter your nominations by midnight on Sunday 18 October. If you need help completing the form, please call 020 7926 1000.


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