Herne Hill Music festival goes from strength to strength All Saints Concert Band at Brockwell Park Sunday 11th Oct.


Herne Hill Music Festival brings the curtain down on MADD for Brockwell Park 2015 with three concerts on Sunday 11th October.

All Saints Concert Band perform bandstand music for FREE at the Performance Space at 2.30pm for an hour, either side of two ticketed events:

  • Peter Black’s Spanish and Classical Guitar 1.30pm, Brockwell Hall
  • Harriet Eaves’ Jazz 3.30pm, Brockwell Park Greenhouses.


http://www.brockwellpark.com/ Friends of Brockwell Park AGM 11 am Brockwell Hall

what will their take be  form Lambeth Parks forum meeting with the council after Consultation on Culture2020

Lobby of Council Culture 2020 report goes to cabinet how wil savings affect Tate Library Brixton

The Cabinet of the Council meets on 12th October to pass items  from Culture 2020 report.

There will be a lobby at Dunraven School SW Brixton Buzz take on the consultationConsultation xxxxd 

Read more about the changes on Lambeth Website: http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/consultations/cultural-services-by-2020 for official Council response

Culture  includicoldharbourtatelibraryFun palaces logo access to libraries will be affected in Lambeth what a change from last week when there was fun in the Libraries.

Is Fly tipping a symptom of density of housing and lettings to people with no investment in their community?

A user requested that more derails of flytipping be advertised to the council
The answer is to send an email to StreetcareCallCentre@lambeth.gov.uk
With a photo and full address and postcode of where the rubbish is.
You can find out postcodes here:
http://m.royalmail.com/mt/www.royalmail.com/find-a-postcodePicture 1 - 04.13pic of a previous Freshview where the community comes together to remove some oft their own rubbish and brighten up the environs.
It was reported that after the email the council did remove the mattress and builders rubbish dumped on Talma rd last week after a lot of nagging by herself – any maybe others…as she said the corner with Kellett and Railton is a particular hot spot.
Good luck with it.