Future Brixton xhibiton of plans http://futurebrixton.org/somerleyton/somerleyton-road-plans-in/

Link to the exhibition and display at Black Cultural Archives .

No not ‘Black Georgians’ although that is worth a visit. This Saturday BCA Windrush Square hosts the outlines for  Brixton Green Somerleyton Road Plan. It will affect us  as there will be more density of housing,more traffic On the Plus side a new Medical centres community venues,Oval House etc.Looking-south-down-Somerleyton-RoadWeb-720x445 http://www.brixtonblog.com/is-there-a-third-way-for-brixton-development/33141

but to achieve this the buildings will be 12 -14 story height. So we can forget all our nice low rise ‘residential’ views. The other side of St. Matthews Church the New Town Hall building and development height 15- 20 stories. if we hadn’t already realised we are in Inner City developing London.



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