Brixton Community Base winter celebration December 5th afternoon with a grotto for families. Evening music mulled wine mince pies and some local talent.

BRIXTON COMMUNITY BASE – RAFFLE for Winter Celebration December 5th

On Saturday 5th December we are holding an evening Christmas Celebration at the Centre. As part of this we are fund-raising to help support projects we run from Brixton Community Base, including ‘Bling Ya Bike’ for teenagers, Brixton Youth Theatre for 13-18 year olds. Rattray Road Play scheme, These taster workshops are free to those who participate in the groups attending. Cuts have left us struggling to maintain these activities. In addition we are facing a considerable rent increase as are so many local businesses. We would be very grateful if you would donate a prize to the raffle or to our auction which will be part of the event on the 5th.

You are welcome to join us.

If you would like any further information or feel you would like to support us in any other way please contact me either by phone or email info@brixtoncommunitybase.orgYours sincerely

news Safer Lambeth Team Coldharbour Panel met last night. and some positive thoughts contd.

On going issues discussed including Gang culture and its effects

The police worked hard to put extra TOWN centre Police on the beat in Brixton. The panel listen to views raised and set up priorities. This is  especially needed for Rushcroft road tenants who hope the police continue to address some of the ongoing challenges raised by Windrush  square and also Brixton Late night  party people.

‘Mosaic Clubhouse’ Effra Road did a presentation. They operate for members with a mental health disability. They also have a: ‘Sanctuary’ system for people in dire mental distress.

Community Greenhouses Brockwell Park attached  Music eventsilverfit(1)

and Joy Yoga back at Yoga Point  for a trilogy of workshops

Sunday 25th October             13.30 – 16.30 

  Saturday 14th November       13.30 – 16.30 

  Sunday 6th December            13.30 – 16.30

Freshview Visit Saturday 24th October at Post Box Mervan Road /Rattray road junction 12pm ish.

Jason Prentis and Cllr. Braithwaite are visiting us on Saturday 24th October. We want planters to improve the environment and prevent our streets being used as a free tipping ground. The council should act to limit the damage.

Postbox Mervan Rd and Rattray Rd junction 12pm for anyone wanting to speak to Lambeth’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability.

Preventing dumped rubbish

When I go out to meet Street Champions, the most commonly discussed issue is dumped rubbish. Whether it’s a pile of builders’ rubble, a random mattress or a black bag next to a bin, dumped rubbish is causing much disquiet, so we’re stepping up our efforts to reduce it.

Caroline of Brixton Community Base says:

‘ the corner of Talma and Probert is a prime site for fly tipping.  BCB have a large bin which we pay the council for, unfortunately it acts as a magnet for dumping – everything from domestic rubbish to mattresses and furniture.  There is often no attempt to put it in the container.  BCB could face fines for this although it is not our rubbish, and it is definitely a health and safety risk.  Be great if you could alert Jason Prentis & Cllr. Braithwaite to this.’ She can’t make it this Saturday but  Street Champions wish anyone with a view can let us know  even if you can’t be there via:
Lucy said:”I send an email to
With a photo and full address and postcode of where the rubbish is.
You can find out postcodes here:
They removed the mattress and builders rubbish dumped on Talma rd last week after a lot of nagging by me – any maybe others…