news Safer Lambeth Team Coldharbour Panel met last night. and some positive thoughts contd.

On going issues discussed including Gang culture and its effects

The police worked hard to put extra TOWN centre Police on the beat in Brixton. The panel listen to views raised and set up priorities. This is  especially needed for Rushcroft road tenants who hope the police continue to address some of the ongoing challenges raised by Windrush  square and also Brixton Late night  party people.

‘Mosaic Clubhouse’ Effra Road did a presentation. They operate for members with a mental health disability. They also have a: ‘Sanctuary’ system for people in dire mental distress.

Community Greenhouses Brockwell Park attached  Music eventsilverfit(1)

and Joy Yoga back at Yoga Point  for a trilogy of workshops

Sunday 25th October             13.30 – 16.30 

  Saturday 14th November       13.30 – 16.30 

  Sunday 6th December            13.30 – 16.30


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