Tate Library Brixton. :Latest News last chance today: ” Love your Library”

Last chance to  make Brixton Tate Library a favourite in Time out Awards

Have your say or you can March on November 7th from Windrush Square Tate library Brixton to Tate Library South Lambeth,UNISON is organising a march from Windrush Square (10.30am) to Tate S Lambeth Library, you can also write or sign an online petition www.change.org(save-lambeth-libraries)  or wear your gym clothes and make a splash.
Libraries as we know it. Can they survive? Lambeth Council library FAQs in attempt to
justify book-ish gym and what about the Archives?
Lambeth Communications,Press coverage, Lambeth Weekender, Brixrton blogs -you decide. http://www.brixtonbuzz.com

Also an exhibition to show how we as Friends of Tate Librariy Brixton looks at the : ‘Past Present and Future’  impact of libraries on our communities, through archives and ‘Brixton Museum’ installation.November 10th-30th at Tate Brixton Library( poster attached)Foftlbrixton Exhibiton5


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