Recent events round up All happening in Windrush Square! March for Libraries 10.30am Sat 7th Nov.

Windrush Square follow uptatelibrary

Meeting soon in November with people who may be able to make a difference to the environment for residents and users, contact via .uk

Friends of Windrush Square are hosting a meeting for interested parties and have attended recent Safer Lambeth Police meetings and Brixton Society meetings. They gave us a neighbourhood link registration

or Local Safer neighbourhood team

Those Loos!

Next Exhibition at Brixton Tate Library is coming up organised by Friends of Tate library Brixton which shows images form Lambeth Archives  in their construction can they, should they reopen? With a lots of support and supervision? but who will fund it?Brixton Tate Library poster

‘Brixton Museum’ an anchor and Magnet project after their screening at the Ritzy this Saturday 3pm will roll the peripatetic museum to Tate library Brixton.

Friends of Ttae library is involved in the March on 7th November 10.30 am from Windrush Square. The Council are up against  it. Funding for front line services are affected by the governments Spending Review.


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