More news Windrush Square today

Cultural installation? A piano appeared, then a chair and  a sofa . Are they part of a dumping fly tipping mania which is affecting our neighbourhoods or a Guerilla Art installation. Friends of Windrush Square, Tate Library Brixton and Brixton Society have met with Brixton Bid chair Michael Smith, local Lambeth officers, Friends groups and community  organisations  e.g. Brixton Neighbourhood Forum for many months/years.

The piano was an interesting intervention as local people started to play the classical repertoire Jazz improvisations etc. is it a good thing like at Herne hill. The piano there is  locked to prevent some anti-social damage rather than  beautiful sounds.

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PS The Tate library Brixton Unison members are on strike There is a Lambeth cabinet meeting tonight at Elm Green School Elmcourt Road  and staff have walked out over plans by Lambeth to pursue Culture 2020 report recommendations for Libraries in Lambeth .So no Story time or book lending today.Tate Library Planters des.JSpilman

image of proposed planters for library by J Spilman.

Friends of Tate library continue to assist the Library and its users enjoy its position on Windrush Square with the local community. They help water the plants and pick up rubbish outside contact them if you have any time or inclination to help Green and improve the local environment.

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