Yoga Point local request re: Planning application

Re: 124 Dalberg Road (Onto Brixton Water Lane/ Morval road back gardens) proposed development:

Are you concerned if , its your last chance to respond to  one of our local Yoga Practitioners Chris Holt’s  request to look at the proposed unwelcome development. Amazingly, while nearby residential properties have been included in the statutory daylight/sunlight assessment required of the developers, Yoga Point at 122 Dalberg Road has not had the impact assessed. Surely this is a mistake?

The height of the development will also overlook the children’s playground on the other side of the Dalberg Road, which is used by lots of children from Effra Nursery, Jubilee School etc.

The other major problem is that no social housing included in the development. Given this is the most pressing need in Lambeth, where many hundreds of families are homeless, or live in overcrowded or temporary accommodation, the use of this site for purely commercial rent or sale is a wasted opportunity to relieve the borough’s affordable housing shortage. I hope you might be able to alert local people to these plans. The deadline for objections is this Friday 20th November, Plans can be seen at putting in the reference:

15/04244/FUL. It’s worth clicking on Documents to see the scale of the development.

Note : to log in individuals put in their email address and details to see application Due in today!


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