Winter Fairs and recent events

Brockwell park Winter Fair  with some cross over talent from our area on Sunday 6th  but prior to that BCB WINTER FAIR  5th was a resounding success with Pop-up choirs, 49’ers and  an acoustic session with Keira All this after a wonderful example of Brixton Youth Theatre’s work and Bling Ya Bike exponent Lamonte Johnson crowd funding (check it out). Louise mulled over this year. Next week its Sudbourne Schools fair Saturday 12th A great way to buy presents and donate to the local community’s fund raising efforts. With prizes galore and thanks to Donating Restaurants, Turtle Bay, EffraPub, Theatres, Cafes including  Parissi. Black Cultural Archives and Art Nouveau and Creatives :Turpentine  for their contributions, Special Thanks to Val and her grotto and secret Santas who donated and Street champions who showed how much fun you can have around your neighbourhood.


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