Leila Segal at Tate Library Brixton

Local writers and readers please note: change of time for reading Now 7.30pm Weds 27th January and look out for First Draft in 2016. with local links to Library Writers Development.

Interview with Leila Segal


Leila Segal is a London based writer and facilitator. On 21 January 2016, her debut short story collection ‘Breathe: Stories from Cuba’ will be published by Flipped Eye. We interviewed Leila about the collection, her writing process, getting published and her advice for emerging writers. Leila (@leilasegal) is appearing at a number of events across London to coincide with the launch, including an event at Brixton Library on 27 January with Laura from Spread the Word.

You can find out more about her events on her website and buy a copy of ‘Breathe’ here.

and look out for future developments from 16 feet productions whose successful First Draft  new playwriting took place last year.







Lambeth’s New Playwriting Competition


First Draft Plays


Sixteenfeet is committed to offering Lambeth writers continuous support, and as part of our new writing competition, First Draft, we have adapted and recorded two of the winning plays for radio


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