libraries Brixton Town Centre Library is safe or is it?

Tate Library Brixton is privileged as  it was given to the people of Lambeth and is in the Town Centre designation. Other libraries are equally important to their communities: Minet, Carnegie ,Tate South Lambeth, Durning. Meeting at Tate Library Brixton this evening 7pmTate Library Planters des.JSpilman
(image presented to Tate Library Brixton of planters of Joanna Spilman design)
a new link to the libraries petition and information about the campaign. Please pass this on through your networks; get people to sign the petition; attend the march on 5th March; write to councillors saying why you think it’s so important to keep a local library for our neighbourhood.
Also to stress that the need to campaign against Lambeth’s proposals is more urgent than ever. Lambeth appears to already be breaking its promises: with no sight of the ‘temporary replacement library’ at Waterloo but the current ‘temporary library’ set to close at Easter and they are advertising the space for new occupants: see
Dear supporters of Save Lambeth Libraries Campaign

5 of Lambeth’s 10 libraries are under threat of closure or being turned into private gyms.  An alternative plan, proposed by Susanna Barnes would keep all of our libraries and we need to continue to put pressure on the Council to consider it as the optimum.  Unfortunately we don’t have time on our side, the libraries are due to close on 1st Apri and a large number of librarians will be laid off.  Please support the campaign in whatever way you can in the run up to the Libraries demonstration on Saturday 5th March, from Tate Library, Brixton, Windrush Square

The ways that you can help immediately are signing the online petition

Street Party plans !

After a  very early chat about hosting another street party on Kellett Road this summer. We’ve pencilled in Saturday 18th June as a date and we’d love to gather a group of people interested in coming up with ideas and helping bring it together.
To start the ball rolling, we’re going to meet for a drink at the Effra Hall next Wednesday 2nd March at 6.30pm. We’d love to see anyone who’s up for being involved in any way at all, so please pass this on to any friends or neighbours in the Effra area who could be interested.
You and all the team were essential to the success of the one in 2014, and it couldn’t have been done without you – thank you again!
We’ll need lots of the same skills this time… and in the early stages it’d be particularly helpful to have help from anyone who could design a flyer – drop me a line if you know someone.
Hope to see you at the pub on the 2nd, and please forward this to friends.
Hey there Probert Road yours was good in 2015 and Mervan Road

in 2012 and 29013

198 Gallery Railton RoadExhibition

I hope you can make this wonderful exhibition, which highlights the individual artwork

Teri Bullen 198 exand the creative work Teri Bullen did with Brixton Artists Collective in 1980’s and 90’s as anindependent textile artist and arts practitioner. The 198  Contemporary Arts and Learning is at 198 Railton Road (nearly Herne Hill )  is open weekdays and  some Sundays till March 6th and that last closing event will be a celebration of Zamani
Soweto Sisters ‘Patchwork of Our Lives’ exhibition. The quilt will be
exchanged with Zamani centre South Africa connecting the relationship
Brixton and Soweto., originated by Teri Bullen in the 1980’s. The
present exhibition is a lasting legacy to Teri  who died last year .
Donations from postcards and books will go to St Christopher’s
hospice. The exhibition is curated by her son Liam Bullen and Lucy
Davis of 198.

I feel her work should be recognised more widely as a Woman Artist
and Arts organiser who lived in Cormont Road. Lambeth and worked in
her community and beyond. Leaving another generation of artists to
continue celebrating Life through Art. Community  and Culture.

Friends of Tate Library Brixton event Wednesday 17th Feb 1pm-3pm

Following on from Feb 6th event Friends of Tate Library Brixton have organised a with funding from Vassal and Coldharbour Health and Well Being Area Forum. To be held in teh Library and outside.

Creative Writing 1-2pm with Anne Cooper and 2-3pm Qui Gong with Andreas Demetriou

For those unable to attend weekdays there is a freeresizer.php Tai Chi session on a Saturday morning 11-12pm at Brixton Windmill who in their centenary year have many wonderful events lined up.

Planning times

A debate on how our area looks and feels  is much needed.

If you don’t manage to look at Lambeth Consultations on the new developments you might  be concerned about neighbours planning applications.

It may be a good idea to check them in the ‘Weekender’ and they are  available online (search planning applications – because of reductions in staffing and resources, Lambeth only informs a few houses by post i.e. those immediately impacted of planning notices.)

Other people in an area don’t necessarily know what’s happening a few doors down. So should there be an email list of people in the area prepared to try to reduce the development stress our streets are suffering from, and  let each other know when a new planning notice arrives, so we can respond as a community or do we leave it up to individuals and  also Brixton Society, which as a civic society looks at how town planning impacts on our communities? annick bulbplating 2015 . Talking of which Windrush Square  will have a facelift due in part to Brixton Society,Friends of Windrush Square and Friends of Tate Library’s efforts. On Wednesday 17th weather permitting  2-3pm will see Qui Gong session free in the Square and 18th may see large planters  blossoming c/o Lambeth Parks.

Half Term events : last ‘Effra Cooks’ Friday 19th at BCB

So from 10.30-12.30pm   Friday 19th Feb. we are gathering all the recipes that  local residents havecontributed towards:’  Effra Cooks’ at Brixton Community Base Talma Road.

Light exercise and Drumming session. a its half term children are more than welcome.albert3effracookseffracooks 1

Welcome to all care of Albert and planning finished cookbook awaiting publication

A Soup and Ploughman’s  lunch to follow and stay on for: ‘Get Creative’  Sharing and writing your memories with a creative writing tutor organised by 16 Feet 1.30-3.30pm email:  for further information. Another chance to see what else is available in your local area.

More on planning and development in Lambeth

Three giant plans are afoot in our area, so we need to be vigilant. The Brixton Society(www, )has dedicated volunteers who keep track of the many planning issues which may affect us.  It is true on a local  level just getting around Brixton  even on foot  people have to take care. With major building over the next few years at New Town Hall site and Oval House/ Brixton Green, the Effra residents area will soon be  subject to earth moving and shaking.

There are a lot of people who are monitoring developments and are House’s Director Deborah Bestwick at a recent meeting  stated that she had asked if some of the building supplies could be off-loaded via the rail network onto  the sidings, this would at least have prevented some disturbance to an already stressed road system.

More localised planning has to be found on Lambeth website an for example: more plans for third floor roof terraces are at present listed awaiting consideration.

To check individuals can go to Lambeth Planning’s web site: an click on view planning applications and put in the address or application number and there is a tick box where you can comment. The more comments the clearer the message. For example;

For 16/00258/FUL the site says the Neighbour Consultation Period Expiry Date is 8.2.2016

but the meeting considering this application  is not immediate, so there may be time if you object, or want to comment.