Free University Thursday 6.30pm at Angel Delight


Dear all,

The Free University of London is back! This year we’ll be running monthly sessions, once again on Thursday evenings in Angell Town. We begin this Thursday at 6.30pm with the following theme:

“Whose recovery? Casualised and insecure work in the UK.” The session will be led by Millie, a precariously employed workplace organiser in education.


Like last term, we’ll be in the community centre next to the football court

Angel Delight Community Centre
Unit B, Fairfax House
Overton Road
Angell Town
Brixton SW9 7JR

Please invite friends, family, colleagues and comrades. Everyone is welcome.

FUL is a collaborate and voluntary initiative, and we’re always looking to get more people involved. If you’d like to propose a session, suggest a theme or help out with organising, please get in touch.

See you on Thursday!

Best wishes,


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