Planning times

A debate on how our area looks and feels  is much needed.

If you don’t manage to look at Lambeth Consultations on the new developments you might  be concerned about neighbours planning applications.

It may be a good idea to check them in the ‘Weekender’ and they are  available online (search planning applications – because of reductions in staffing and resources, Lambeth only informs a few houses by post i.e. those immediately impacted of planning notices.)

Other people in an area don’t necessarily know what’s happening a few doors down. So should there be an email list of people in the area prepared to try to reduce the development stress our streets are suffering from, and  let each other know when a new planning notice arrives, so we can respond as a community or do we leave it up to individuals and  also Brixton Society, which as a civic society looks at how town planning impacts on our communities? annick bulbplating 2015 . Talking of which Windrush Square  will have a facelift due in part to Brixton Society,Friends of Windrush Square and Friends of Tate Library’s efforts. On Wednesday 17th weather permitting  2-3pm will see Qui Gong session free in the Square and 18th may see large planters  blossoming c/o Lambeth Parks.


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