198 Gallery Railton RoadExhibition

I hope you can make this wonderful exhibition, which highlights the individual artwork

Teri Bullen 198 exand the creative work Teri Bullen did with Brixton Artists Collective in 1980’s and 90’s as anindependent textile artist and arts practitioner. The 198  Contemporary Arts and Learning is at 198 Railton Road (nearly Herne Hill )  is open weekdays and  some Sundays till March 6th and that last closing event will be a celebration of Zamani
Soweto Sisters ‘Patchwork of Our Lives’ exhibition. The quilt will be
exchanged with Zamani centre South Africa connecting the relationship
Brixton and Soweto., originated by Teri Bullen in the 1980’s. The
present exhibition is a lasting legacy to Teri  who died last year .
Donations from postcards and books will go to St Christopher’s
hospice. The exhibition is curated by her son Liam Bullen and Lucy
Davis of 198.

I feel her work should be recognised more widely as a Woman Artist
and Arts organiser who lived in Cormont Road. Lambeth and worked in
her community and beyond. Leaving another generation of artists to
continue celebrating Life through Art. Community  and Culture.


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