Street Party plans !

After a  very early chat about hosting another street party on Kellett Road this summer. We’ve pencilled in Saturday 18th June as a date and we’d love to gather a group of people interested in coming up with ideas and helping bring it together.
To start the ball rolling, we’re going to meet for a drink at the Effra Hall next Wednesday 2nd March at 6.30pm. We’d love to see anyone who’s up for being involved in any way at all, so please pass this on to any friends or neighbours in the Effra area who could be interested.
You and all the team were essential to the success of the one in 2014, and it couldn’t have been done without you – thank you again!
We’ll need lots of the same skills this time… and in the early stages it’d be particularly helpful to have help from anyone who could design a flyer – drop me a line if you know someone.
Hope to see you at the pub on the 2nd, and please forward this to friends.
Hey there Probert Road yours was good in 2015 and Mervan Road

in 2012 and 29013


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