libraries Brixton Town Centre Library is safe or is it?

Tate Library Brixton is privileged as  it was given to the people of Lambeth and is in the Town Centre designation. Other libraries are equally important to their communities: Minet, Carnegie ,Tate South Lambeth, Durning. Meeting at Tate Library Brixton this evening 7pmTate Library Planters des.JSpilman
(image presented to Tate Library Brixton of planters of Joanna Spilman design)
a new link to the libraries petition and information about the campaign. Please pass this on through your networks; get people to sign the petition; attend the march on 5th March; write to councillors saying why you think it’s so important to keep a local library for our neighbourhood.
Also to stress that the need to campaign against Lambeth’s proposals is more urgent than ever. Lambeth appears to already be breaking its promises: with no sight of the ‘temporary replacement library’ at Waterloo but the current ‘temporary library’ set to close at Easter and they are advertising the space for new occupants: see
Dear supporters of Save Lambeth Libraries Campaign

5 of Lambeth’s 10 libraries are under threat of closure or being turned into private gyms.  An alternative plan, proposed by Susanna Barnes would keep all of our libraries and we need to continue to put pressure on the Council to consider it as the optimum.  Unfortunately we don’t have time on our side, the libraries are due to close on 1st Apri and a large number of librarians will be laid off.  Please support the campaign in whatever way you can in the run up to the Libraries demonstration on Saturday 5th March, from Tate Library, Brixton, Windrush Square

The ways that you can help immediately are signing the online petition


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