Carnegie Library RIP vigil this evening

As Friends of Lambeth Libraries said :.’We defend the 10 libraries.’   Brixton Library is full to the gills,

This Saturday it will host with Friinds of Windrush Square a \Community Day’

WS Poster(1)

In the library and outside, There will be exercise, art and crafts . Port -a -zoo, local consultations on Mosaics and Monuments planned in the square from 11-4pm April2nd.

Author Ravinder Randhawa will read form her new novel : ‘Coral Strand’

at 3pm Coral Strand

Saturday 19th March 11am Fuel Povert Lambeth Pensioners Action GroupTate Library Brixton

This Saturday:  Fuel poverty action this Saturday at Tate Library Brixton with Lambeth Pensioners Action group Brixton library, 11am.
Please support the ‘warm up’ organised by Fuel Poverty Action (FPA)with Lambeth pensioners’ groups such as LAMPAG
We have issues in common – provision for older people & those on low incomes – information & a warm place to go. Friendsof Lambeth Libraries are supporting them .More details from FPA: A Warm-up  is a kind of very gentle direct action, where people take public space that is open to them anyway, to make a point about heating/insulation issues and public sector cuts (eg day centres, libraries) that lead to many of the thousands of deaths each year from fuel poverty, as people can neither go out nor keep warm in their own homes.  What we do varies, depending on the people and the place.  This one is organised by Lambeth pensioners and tenants and residents, together with FPA.  For the last one, see our website see our website  It’s usually quite a quick affair, informative, and enjoyable.  We will bring information about people’s rights in relation to the energy companies, as well as local issues.
To keep you in the loop of events regarding libraries through a brief summary and  notice of events linked to Tate LIbrary Brixton including April 2nd Friends of Windrush Square Community Day. Volunteers welcome to help especially with setting up and  outside the Library information stall in the morning and inside Library event Ravinder Randhawa reading from her latest novel ‘Coral Strand’ 3-4pm in the afternoon before clearing away. You can view details of the day soon for more details and participation

Kellet Raod Street Party June 2016

Details about Kellet Road Street party June 2016kelett2013

Date: Probably 18th June. It’s very hard to find a date we can all do but this one has the benefit of being slightly nearer the main summer period, and (fingers crossed), better weather?! I’m checking with the council whether we can have this date.
Theme: Warm-up to Rio/ London-Rio handover/ carnival… (the Olympics are later in the summer but this is a fun, colourful, international theme)streetparty7
Food: People to bring food to share, barbecues etc. Effra to bring out large BBQ again?
We could invite local traders like Portable Pizza (?) to attend, for people to buy food?
Activities and entertainment:
Bouncy castle – Anne-Marie has asked the person at her old house about electricity
Small stage to host various events, eg. bicycle-powered bass/ dance competition/ local bands. Could we hire one from Brixton Library, or Herne Hill Forum? Alex is also asking some friends about options.
DJ – Jesse Baines (from last 2 parties)
Flashmob dance tutorial – ask a streetdance group to lead a dance for us?
Other things to organise:
Can we borrow tables and chairs from Brixton Base again?
Portable toilet(s) – if we get some funding, should we hire a couple of toilets?
Local estate agents – eg. Pedders – Anne-Marie to ask
Hubbub – local delivery service – Jo to ask
Telling people about it:
Flyers – one to deliver in late March, and another to go out in late May. Alex to ask a friend to design a simple flyer – Jo to send copy. It’d be great if we could all take ~50 each and deliver them to the Effra streets (eg. Saltoun to Probert/Dalberg etc)
Blog – Marilyn to put up a post
Twitter – Jo to tweet from @effrablog
Let me know if there’s anything else you’re keen to see at the party or have time to help with.
Thanks again and see you on 6th April at Effra Pub 6.30pm

‘Play Misty for me’ cat returned to thankful owner Keep chipping your pets

The motto of the tale is to  “Keep chipping your pets’: ‘Misty’ was returned  to a local neighbour after being taken by the finder and  investigation by Brockwell Vets to discover  his chip.

Thanks to those who put up posters emailed friends.

Misty‘Misty’image1‘Patch’ the other cat who mysteriously turned up in Rattray Road is still being looked after contact us if you recognise this black and white bundle of fun.

Further fun can be had  in June with Kellet road Street party to get involved contact Jo Sloman by email :

Lambeth Young Voices at BCB

I know you might not qualify for this but (if you know anyone under18 who wants to write plays please forward) I am sending this email about ‘Young Voices’ as there is a link to 16feet Theatre production organisers ‘First Draft’  last year’s young writers competition which took place at Brixton Library. These master classes are at Brixton Community Base Talma Road SW2 1AS for under 18 year olds first class Friday March 11th.6.30 Lambeth Young Voices Press Release 3(1)


When: Friday 11th March (6 – 8pm)

A free Masterclass in playwriting with Andrew Walsh: an award-winning writer/director with credits across film, television, theatre, radio, animation and videogames.

in partnership with Brixton Youth Theatre


Windrush Square 2nd April 2016 11-4pm

Sees a Community Day 11am-4pm event by local community groups.’Not for profit but Fun to be had’

The plan of the day will be released shortly but there will be something for everyone.

Horticultural, Heritage , Creative and Environmental via Freshview links to Friends of Windrush Square. Friends of Windmill Gardens in their bicentenary

Friends of Tate library and Brixton Society  will be present, Vida Walsh Centre Age UK.

Creative Writing Author in the library Ravinder Randhawa indoors, an inclusive Qui Gong session outdoors c/0 Friends of Tate library.

Arts and crafts and Lamonte Johnson ‘Bling Ya Bike’, Lambeth Young Co-op and stalls highlighting issues in the square.e.g. suggested  Memorial to West Indian Serviceman and a proposed Mosaic will be on display along with annick bulbplating 2015 other ways to brighten up the square . Volunteers welcome to get in touch with Friends of Windrush Square : or Friends of Tate Library Brixton; who are still involved with the library campaign

Misty …Cat around and about?

A lovely young male Cat has gone walkabout.Misty

Neighbours have put up notices around the area If you are looking after him he does have a loving home ring at No 49 Mervan Road : 07806 881266 . Here is his picture

The other cat found wandering a few weeks ago a Black and White male kitten ‘Patch” much younger is living and being looked after nearby . In case you’re desperately seeking him. But Misty may be homeless and is just too friendly  and may have been adopted, we hope if so, he can be returned home safely.