Kellet Raod Street Party June 2016

Details about Kellet Road Street party June 2016kelett2013

Date: Probably 18th June. It’s very hard to find a date we can all do but this one has the benefit of being slightly nearer the main summer period, and (fingers crossed), better weather?! I’m checking with the council whether we can have this date.
Theme: Warm-up to Rio/ London-Rio handover/ carnival… (the Olympics are later in the summer but this is a fun, colourful, international theme)streetparty7
Food: People to bring food to share, barbecues etc. Effra to bring out large BBQ again?
We could invite local traders like Portable Pizza (?) to attend, for people to buy food?
Activities and entertainment:
Bouncy castle – Anne-Marie has asked the person at her old house about electricity
Small stage to host various events, eg. bicycle-powered bass/ dance competition/ local bands. Could we hire one from Brixton Library, or Herne Hill Forum? Alex is also asking some friends about options.
DJ – Jesse Baines (from last 2 parties)
Flashmob dance tutorial – ask a streetdance group to lead a dance for us?
Other things to organise:
Can we borrow tables and chairs from Brixton Base again?
Portable toilet(s) – if we get some funding, should we hire a couple of toilets?
Local estate agents – eg. Pedders – Anne-Marie to ask
Hubbub – local delivery service – Jo to ask
Telling people about it:
Flyers – one to deliver in late March, and another to go out in late May. Alex to ask a friend to design a simple flyer – Jo to send copy. It’d be great if we could all take ~50 each and deliver them to the Effra streets (eg. Saltoun to Probert/Dalberg etc)
Blog – Marilyn to put up a post
Twitter – Jo to tweet from @effrablog
Let me know if there’s anything else you’re keen to see at the party or have time to help with.
Thanks again and see you on 6th April at Effra Pub 6.30pm


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