Saturday 19th March 11am Fuel Povert Lambeth Pensioners Action GroupTate Library Brixton

This Saturday:  Fuel poverty action this Saturday at Tate Library Brixton with Lambeth Pensioners Action group Brixton library, 11am.
Please support the ‘warm up’ organised by Fuel Poverty Action (FPA)with Lambeth pensioners’ groups such as LAMPAG
We have issues in common – provision for older people & those on low incomes – information & a warm place to go. Friendsof Lambeth Libraries are supporting them .More details from FPA: A Warm-up  is a kind of very gentle direct action, where people take public space that is open to them anyway, to make a point about heating/insulation issues and public sector cuts (eg day centres, libraries) that lead to many of the thousands of deaths each year from fuel poverty, as people can neither go out nor keep warm in their own homes.  What we do varies, depending on the people and the place.  This one is organised by Lambeth pensioners and tenants and residents, together with FPA.  For the last one, see our website see our website  It’s usually quite a quick affair, informative, and enjoyable.  We will bring information about people’s rights in relation to the energy companies, as well as local issues.
To keep you in the loop of events regarding libraries through a brief summary and  notice of events linked to Tate LIbrary Brixton including April 2nd Friends of Windrush Square Community Day. Volunteers welcome to help especially with setting up and  outside the Library information stall in the morning and inside Library event Ravinder Randhawa reading from her latest novel ‘Coral Strand’ 3-4pm in the afternoon before clearing away. You can view details of the day soon for more details and participation


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