Celebration of Diversity in Lambeth Part 2

The Team of ‘Bringing our Communities Together’
Bringing our Communities Together brings a dynamic celebration of diversity with music, film, natural therapy and gastronomy in our communities of Lambeth
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Also image(3).pngNext public meeting re:libraries campaign:
Thurs May12, 8pm, Brixton library.
Reclaim Lambeth for those interested, there will be at the meeting 1pm today , Brixton library:
Reclaim Lambeth is launching on Saturday 7 May.
There are so many local campaigns in Lambeth, around housing, against
gentrification, saving our local libraries, stopping the forced
accademisation of our schools, over the Garden Bridge and to save local
jobs and services.
The campaign is united to to take action together to reclaim
Lambeth and make it a borough where we aren’t being driven out by sky
high house prices and rent and where we have the services and
community that people need.
The local council are refusing to listen to the people of Lambeth.
Central government is refusing to listen to us. Time to Reclaim
Lambeth. Called by activists from Lambeth Housing Activists, Lambeth UNISON and
library campaigners.


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