Brixton Community Base in line for some Funds and need our support!

Hi All,

Brixton Community Base has been shortlisted to receive funding from the Brixton Fund, the Brixton Pound’s local grants scheme.  We applied for £1,000 to support the cost of refurbishing the kitchen at the centre as the current one is falling apart!  We have just renewed the lease and are looking forward to a busy and exciting future which will see BCB providing space and opportunities for our current and future partners, local organisations, residents and friends.

The Brixton Fund is keen that the the public have a say in which organisations receive funding therefore they are hosting an event at Brixton East 1871 (100 Barrington Road, London, SW9 7JF) on Tuesday 7 June, 6-9pm.  At this event you will be able to see all of the organisations that have applied for funding and vote for your favourite (BCB please!)

Please do come along on the 7th and vote for Brixton Community Base.  Thanks!The event is free but you are required to register using the link below:


As mentioned before a small amount of funding was achieved for a Capital Clean June 26th and July 3rd Sundays 2-6pm and  up  this could be shared out in future  to other local streets if we can show the community appreciation of environmental improvements around Talma Kellett Rattray area i.e : effra residents zone Email  to get involved


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