‘Sad- looking Planters used as Skateboarding ramps’ environmental Workshop 1-3pm Friday 30th September Windrush Square


Come and join in with Friends of Windrush Square and Friends of Tate library Brixton in an afternoon of clearing and planting with some assistance from Lambeth Council. More news in the pipeline to prevent Anti-social behaviours . Then on Saturday fun days Brixton Come-together 1st October  in the Square contact: info@windrushsquare.org.uk for more information on environmental and community issues relating to the square.

Brixton Windpower Weds 18th Corpus Christi 7.15 pm


Also reminder Time out Love London Awards Parissi Atlantic Raod Brixton Great for us locals.

23 Aug 2016 – Last year’s Love London Awards saw 16,000 nominations and 75,000 votes cast for 5,000 venues across the city. Cafe Bars Parissi Atlantic Road a favourite