Safer Neighbourhood Team meeting tonight Weds 5th Oct 6pm Overton Road Langport House also a Dexter Road closure protest reopen petition link below.

Police say there was a recent burglary in Rattray Road near Jelf Road? Neighbours  look out for your property.



Angell Town Housing office, Langport House, Overton Road, London SW9 7HN

Time: 1800 – 2000 on Wednesday 5th October 2016


  1. Introductions & Apologies


  1. Safer Neighbourhood Team Police Report
  1. Review locally set promises
    1. Drug dealing
    2. Offensive weapons
    3. Begging/Vagrants
    4. -General ASB/ Youth Engagement

                 Any other business

     4.-General ASB/ Youth Engagement

  1. Dates / venues of next meeting


Please encourage anybody living or working in Coldharbour Ward, with an interest in local policing, to come along.




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