Rock on Down Electric Avenue

Less than 24 hours after Electric Avenue’s new neon sign was officially turned on by music legend Eddy Grant, the thing has already gone on the blink.

Locals returning to view the sign the next day saw that the letter V has already broken, leaving the sign’s message as “ELECTRIC A ENUE.”

It looks lovely Heritage Lottery Money eventually got to Electric Avenue. At the pre meeting with Cllrs , GLA  rep and market traders issues were raised regarding Network Rail, Public Toilets,Public transport links on the Atlantic Road side and future difficulties for residents when :

building and refurbishment takes place. Not all happy smiling faces present STILL IT WAS GREAT TO ROCK ON.

Next Door another blogpost facility for local residents?

I think this may be a useful way to communicate neighbourhood issues. I got a mail shot through the door, and it encourages recipients to spread the word – hence this
iWindmagesOur neighbourhood is using a private online network called Nextdoor Effra Road. On Nextdoor, neighbours can post events and recommendations, share safety tips, offer things to share, and simply get to know one another better

More than 2,700 neighbourhoods across the country are using Nextdoor to share recommendations, safety tips, local events and simply to get to know one another better. David thinks it would be a great way for you to discover what’s going on in your neighbourhood.
Next Door is one of many that looks at ways Neighbourhoods connect with one and another. Locals/ effra residents i.e the area bounded by Effra Road/ Railton Road/  Saltoun and Barnwell Roads to pass on any intersting news. We also use with No advertisements attached! email
Meanwhile Rushcroft Road residents have set up their own network for issues relating to their street especially vulnerable as it leads onto Windrush Square and they organised a Police meeting on Monday Oct 17th  and there is the Friends of Windrush Square who convene via Brixton Society: There is also Brixton Neighbourhood forum  website

Well done to local parents who challenged Lambeth to enable their children to benefit from Play facilities over this half-term

Well done to local parents who challenged Lambeth to enable their children to benefit from Play facilities over this half-term

Please contact Betiel for any details to enable their children to benefit from Play facilities over this half-term

Including Betiel Mahari , Jane Duncan Ribeiro of Brixton Community Base and others

Contact for details of the campaign save Dexter and Max Roach and other Lambeth Adventure plays:

Message from Cllr. Jane Pickard

Dear all

I am passing on a message about half term arrangements from Paul Davies, the Lambeth officer responsible for youth and play. As we promised, YLC will be running activities in the playground. There will also be two days available at the Brixton Community Base in Talma Road. They want to meet parents tomorrow from 4.30 to 5.30 to talk about planning activities (see below).I am asking for a notice to be pinned to the playground gate as not everyone has email or is on this list. As there were around 400 names and addresses collected from the site in September and as Lambeth is short-staffed currently, it has not been possible to input all this data into a computer yet. But this will be done for future communications.

Jane Pickard
Labour Cllr for Knight’s Hill
Cabinet Member for Families and Young People
07805 943085