Next Door another blogpost facility for local residents?

I think this may be a useful way to communicate neighbourhood issues. I got a mail shot through the door, and it encourages recipients to spread the word – hence this
iWindmagesOur neighbourhood is using a private online network called Nextdoor Effra Road. On Nextdoor, neighbours can post events and recommendations, share safety tips, offer things to share, and simply get to know one another better

More than 2,700 neighbourhoods across the country are using Nextdoor to share recommendations, safety tips, local events and simply to get to know one another better. David thinks it would be a great way for you to discover what’s going on in your neighbourhood.
Next Door is one of many that looks at ways Neighbourhoods connect with one and another. Locals/ effra residents i.e the area bounded by Effra Road/ Railton Road/  Saltoun and Barnwell Roads to pass on any intersting news. We also use with No advertisements attached! email
Meanwhile Rushcroft Road residents have set up their own network for issues relating to their street especially vulnerable as it leads onto Windrush Square and they organised a Police meeting on Monday Oct 17th  and there is the Friends of Windrush Square who convene via Brixton Society: There is also Brixton Neighbourhood forum  website


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