AGM Brixton Green Thursday 6.30pm Pop Brixton

Venue: Pop Brixton,

49 Brixton Station Rd, Brixton, London SW9 8PQ

Items to be voted on:

Industrial provident societies are allowed to opt out of an audit if their turnover is below £90,000 and their members agree. The audit would cost approx £2,000 and is deemed unnecessary by the FCA. Click here for more details.

Maggie Owalade recently of Mervan Road is a trustee of Brixton Green. Yes it will go ahead in Somerleyton Road. If you are a Brixton Green shareholder member of your £1 share you will have received notice of the AGM.

Its important that  the AGM is quorate (see link) and  enough of us vote for the AGM

The Oval House Theatre will go ahead so in our local neighbourhood some radical changes are happening.

Feedback form the Atlantic Road proposals for Future Brixton  are under way.



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