Safer Coldharbour Neighbourhood Team Police Meeting 12th April at Angel Town Housing Office

Forwarding SNT information: Dear all,
Hope you’re well. Please find attached the minutes from the meeting in January as well as the agenda for the meeting taking place on Wednesday 12th April from 6:30-8:30 at the Angell town Housing Office.
Coldharbour ward safer neighbourhood panel Minutes from Wednesday 11th January 2017’s meeting , 6:30-8:30pm at Angell town housing office

Chair: Cathy Valentine

Agenda Item Notes/Actions
Introduction and apologies All welcomed to the meeting and apologies given from Mary Gibson, Andrew Murray Watson, MP Helen Hayes, Rachel Haywood and Margaret Ajanaku. No other apologies were given.PA from Trading standards gave a brief presentation regarding their services. PA mentioned that there will be several drop in sessions taking place across Lambeth for people to attend. Times and dates of the sessions are as follows:Friday 13th January 2017, 2-4pm, Brixton LibraryThursday 26th January 2017, 9:30-12:30pm, We are 336, Brixton RoadMonday 6th February 2017, 7-9pm, Brixton Law centre.

ACTION: PA will email flyers to all attendees to advertise sessions to service usersACTION: CV will go to the Trading standards base and collect hard copies to distribute

Safer neighbourhood team police reports General NH and DM run through report for the past few months. Several crimes showed a peak in December. NH explained this is nothing out of the norm. These crimes usually show a peak due to the holidays. They also show a decline across the months of January to March.

Wyck Gardens

DM provided an update on Wyck Gardens where a member of the public was using the arches to store lighting and volleyball equipment. Residents reported the individual inviting friends and playing loud music to the early hours of the morning. DM mentioned that this person is now going to be evicted and the premises will be used for a bike programme instead.

Rushcroft road

NH let the group know that the bins have been removed and there has been a noticeable difference in the area for the better.

CV raised the need for an officer from Lambeth to attend the meetings and provide an update. She mentioned Jamie Akinola specifically. MP mentioned that there are low numbers in the service and it’s hard for someone to attend.   MP has requested that someone attend several times but hasn’t had a reply. ACTION: MP will chase this up.MP let the group know that he has spoken with Councillor Sidat who is responsible for community safety. He is happy to attend a future meeting.ACTION: PA to ask about Community safety report from councillor Sidat and Jamie in time for the next meeting.


Review locally set promises The current promises are:( Local area prioritised issues)

1.     Offensive weapons

2.     ASB in general including Begging and Vagrants

3.     Drug dealing and consumption

The group are happy to keep these promises. Reminder that any information residents have should be sent to the Police to help support investigations.

CV raised issue of motorbike being parked at the back of Leys Court on a consistent basis. ACTION: Police to look into and report back for the next meeting.

AOB CV raised question about Civil enforcement officers and their role. DM explained that the Officers do patrol shifts and have several roles, one of which is giving fines for littering, etc. DM confirmed that the officers can be tasked to specific areas.

GH, housing support officer from Ekaya housing let the group know that the mother and baby unit which previously had a few problems is doing much better since they were provided with more bins and support. This has made a massive difference and all residents wanted to say a big thank you to those responsible.ACTION:AM to send calendar invite to all attendees for the next meeting

Date and time of next meeting Wednesday 12th April 2017 6:30-8:30 Location: Angell Town Housing Office




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