Community Connectors: Great Get Together events June 17th. and 18th.

Brixton Neighbourhood Chair forwarded South Bank messages to communities (see below) and Young Vic forwarded Great Get Together details

The Great Get Together Bankside

Also Jo Cox ‘More in Common ‘events are taking place on the weekend of June 17th and 18th June: Broickwell park hosts one organised by DaWN constituency plus some interrelated picnics. biglunch2

We also wanted to let you know about the Great Get Together, a series of neighbourhood celebrations happening nationwide, inspired by Jo Cox and her belief that we have more in common than that which divides us. It feels especially important at this time to come together with our neighbours to celebrate all of the wonderful things about this area.

There are events happening across the country, and our friends at the Bankside Open Spaces Trust are hosting a street party in Southwark on Sunday 18 June – a flyer with full details is below, and more information about other activities can be found on the Great Get Together website.

Dear Member,

Following the attack on London Bridge and Borough Market on Saturday there is a full update from the Metropolitan Police here.

What will be different in South Bank?

It is very much business as usual but there will be more police, more armed police and members of the armed forces in public places.  This means that armed police officers responsible for duties such as guarding key sites will be replaced by members of the armed forces, which will allow the police to significantly increase the number of armed officers on patrol in key locations.

Please be vigilant: members of the public should always remaim alert and report any suspicious activity to the police on 999 or the anti-terrorist hotline: 0800 789 321.

As usual our South Bank Patrol will be in the area supporting the police both in South Bank and across public buildings.


South Bank BID Team




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