African and Caribbean Memorial Windrush Square

You may have wondered what is going on behind the hoarding but on 22nd June all will be revealed. After a Book Launch  on Tuesday 20th at Black Cultural Archives with readings,  was a chance to be the first to buy the ‘Remembered Souvenir Journal’ .

A London Libraries Treasure Trail and display at Brixton Library continues and  there will be an event on 22nd June in Windrush Square. 12-4pm . This will be a large event with Lambeth and will take place in a closed off area.VIP’s including High Commissioners and Ambassadors of Caribbean countries will be in attendance; For more information, please contact the African and Caribbean Memorial Trust team Tel: 0207 692 4880 Website: Email:

Follow them on Twitter  @acmemorial (earlybird £15ickets to POW Prince of Wales pub 6.30-11pm Prince of Wales

Related events :Baynets, Mangoes and Beads at Whirled Cinema 8th July Tickets £10 :


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