Brixton Design Trail and

A meeting was held at Brixton Pound Cafe of ‘Young’ and ‘Older ‘creative people from Brixton for the ‘Undercut’ a fringe of Brixton Design Trail 2017  @BrixtonDT , where we heard of the exciting plans for the week of 16th-24th September. The  Brixton Trail is part of London Design Wee . Brixton being one of the eight specially featured districts.

BrixtonPound also had good news to share. Their crowdfunding scheme received a boost from Sadiq Khan  (see: news) only £5,000 pledges to go.

Some of our local community are also involved with the trail including: Brixton Community Base, Friends of Tate Library Brixton and Windrush Square. At Brixton Library there will be a display related to the ‘Local Heroes’ Project  ” The heroes nominated, through a designed postcard highlight that: ‘Love is Power’   Portraits and artwork, made by artists from the recent past,  and artists still with us will display works of their ‘local hero. ‘ A  culmination of work  realised so far, compiled with workshops run in local schools, will be displayed and a  free: ’Local Heroes’ Event on 27th September  6.30-9pm at Brixton Library, as listed in Lambeth Heritage Festival 2017 Lambeth Heritage Festival September 2017 – Lambeth Council


Burlar Bill is on the path again! Keep your windows closed.

Some posts on Nextdoor Effra social media website link

Last night my garden flat got burglarised during the night when my partner and I were sleeping. The criminal got access via the patio door’s awning window that has access to the kitchen. The burglar must be quite small to slide through the window as it doesn’t open a lot and must have had help since it is very high up (over 6’4). They had access via the garden and left via the garden taking wallets, jar of coins and the key to the patio doors where they left the property. I have reported this information to the police.

Hi…we’re also garden flat on Kellett Road and someone came in to our garden the other night. They didn’t take more than our ladder but they probably used that on other flats along our road. So infuriating. I’ve since bought additional locks for the gate and a window/door alarm that works with your iPhone and sounds a loud alarm from your mobile if the window opens. Haven’t installed it yet. Hope they have cctv for you.

Ring 101 or 999 Coldharbour Safer Neighbourhood Team stats. are now up direct on their page , so we didn’t get a printout at last  meeting on 13th July next ward panel meets October 2017.

Moorlands Estate Residents rep spoke about acid thrown into at a vulnerable adult. indicate some of the drug related problems police are dealing with. The court backlog means its difficult to get cases heard and delays dealing with known criminal activity. Cuts to services and overload due to London’s tragic incidents recently, means that local officers have to deal with issues in other boroughs. A young rep of a TMO spoke to police directly about Officers dealing heavy handed and often officers were from outside the area and the good liaison work was  undone.

Late night revelry enforcements were to be looked at again.More problems around stolen mopeds etc. Sounds horribly familiar to other London areas.



BrockwellPark Dog Show Brockwell Park Dog Show 2017 – Home | Facebook Arts

Brockwell Park Community Partners  with a lot of help from Brockwell Park Dog Show orhanisers: Rory and Lili are running another fun filled ‘Mystery Dog Show’

Sunday 2-4pm registration from 1pm. Volunteers always more than welcome

If you fancy a nearky dog free zone Urban Arts at Josephine Avenue and of course school summer fairs last week saw :St Jude’s this week Sudbourne School Sunday so we are spoiled for choice. Free entertainment on our doorstep.

Coldharbour Safer Neighbourhood Police meeting Thursday 13th July Angell Town Housing Office Overton Road 6.30pm

Cathy Valentine is the Chair of SNT panel and meetings relate to local residents priorities for policing. At the recent Brixton Neighbourhood forum meeting a Police representative explained the diminished resources and how far police services are stretched.

People mention on local social media the rise of smaller gangs threatening young lads  for their phones.

On the estates the worrying trend of horrific knife attacks continues to rise.

Come to the meeting or contact Cathy Valentine :

Safer Neighbourhood April minutes-1    or your local Coldharbour Ward Councillors Cllr. Matt Parr, Cllr. Rachel Heywood, Cllr. Donatus Anywan

July News Update Brixton East SLWA exhibition and Windrush Square ?

My Place Poster


Windrush Square came up in discussion at last night’s Brixton Neighbourhood forum

which covered items on Regeneration and community group’s involvement in the area.

Next Greening  workshop outside the Library is on Tuesday 11th July 1.30-4pm a Stakeholder forum meeting is planned as the issues raised  at the meeting need urgent attention.Greening and environment poster2

Also:’Toilets’ a source of annoyance for many locals, as well as Events  and the Night time economy was discussed. The meeting was held at; ‘ Squire and Partners ‘, The Department Store, Ferndale road. (after queuing for 1/2 an hour at the new post office, under duress, the space in the Department Store was mind boggling.) Many questions remain ?

Safer Neighbourhood Police meeting Coldharbour ward is on at 6,30pm Angell Town Housing Office, Overton Road. Note: ring 101 to report any nuisance.

ps Nextdoor Effra is providing a good  daily updates for residents interests

July 2017 sees a lot of ‘Fun and Games’ Exclusive release sale of Brixton Pound David Bowie Limited Edition … ›

Exclusive release sale of Brixton Pound David Bowie Limited Edition …

Also Brixton Pound Bowie Prints limited edition are on sale at :
Studio 73 Brixton Village Thursday 7-9pm

African and Caribbean Memorial in Windrush Square was inaugurated by among others Sadik Khan,  Professor Gus John, Michael Fallon and  other politicians and High Commissioners were present. inc. Helen Hayes. Jak Beula of Nubian Jak Community Trust organised an amazing event including: a rendition of anthem by Holy Trinity school, dancers and steel bands.
A&Cmemorial bA&C dancers2march past A&C

The inter faith ‘Lambeth Unity’. Faiths Together in Lambeth”
was held in Black Cultural Archives Monday evening at short notice. Irfan Mohammed a local Business trader (and potential Labour party Cllr.) introduced the event. Local Resident Carol Stagg gave a rendition of Khalil Ghibran’s beautiful, thought provoking poetry. At a time when the country and world is divided it was good to note Lambeth, with Brixton at its centre, tries to remain united against tyranny. Politicians. Faith leaders and the Businesses (BID)and the community came together.
Helen Hayes MP was leading a response at many events recently  including the ‘More in Common’ picnic in memory of Jo Cox at Brockwell Park HHat Bp
At the Brixton Fund evening individual  Friends of Libraries e.g. Sixteen Feet productions : ‘Vintage Voices” last heard at Lambeth ‘Readers and Writers Festival ‘ in Brixton Library, won a grant award, as did ‘More in Common’ and  Brixton Rec. User Group, also received a small amount towards promoting their organisation.
Brixton Neighbourhood Forum meeting is on Thursday July 6th 6pm at the newly adapted Squire and Partners now called:The Department Store, in the old post office Ferndale Road.
Also ‘Save our Parks’ day of picnics has a local one at Myatts Fields this Saturday 2-6pm D.J FROM 9-11pm at ‘Dwaynomics’.  if its anything like their ‘Summer Fair’, it is worth a trip on the P5 bus to Five ways stop Loughborough Road..
Urban Arts (Library supporters are present) fair Josephine Avenue is on at the weekend 11am-6pm and there is a Dog Show Brockwell Park 12pm-4pm

Also there was a launch of writer in residence, Ann E Cooper’s book at the Rotunda Cressingham Gardens.  An Arts council funded photography exhibition continues to be displayed on the walls of Cressingham Gardens