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Brockwell Park Community Partners  with a lot of help from Brockwell Park Dog Show orhanisers: Rory and Lili are running another fun filled ‘Mystery Dog Show’

Sunday 2-4pm registration from 1pm. Volunteers always more than welcome

If you fancy a nearky dog free zone Urban Arts at Josephine Avenue and of course school summer fairs last week saw :St Jude’s this week Sudbourne School Sunday so we are spoiled for choice. Free entertainment on our doorstep.

Coldharbour Safer Neighbourhood Police meeting Thursday 13th July Angell Town Housing Office Overton Road 6.30pm

Cathy Valentine is the Chair of SNT panel and meetings relate to local residents priorities for policing. At the recent Brixton Neighbourhood forum meeting a Police representative explained the diminished resources and how far police services are stretched.

People mention on local social media the rise of smaller gangs threatening young lads  for their phones.

On the estates the worrying trend of horrific knife attacks continues to rise.

Come to the meeting or contact Cathy Valentine :

Safer Neighbourhood April minutes-1    or your local Coldharbour Ward Councillors Cllr. Matt Parr, Cllr. Rachel Heywood, Cllr. Donatus Anywan

July News Update Brixton East SLWA exhibition and Windrush Square ?

My Place Poster


Windrush Square came up in discussion at last night’s Brixton Neighbourhood forum

which covered items on Regeneration and community group’s involvement in the area.

Next Greening  workshop outside the Library is on Tuesday 11th July 1.30-4pm a Stakeholder forum meeting is planned as the issues raised  at the meeting need urgent attention.Greening and environment poster2

Also:’Toilets’ a source of annoyance for many locals, as well as Events  and the Night time economy was discussed. The meeting was held at; ‘ Squire and Partners ‘, The Department Store, Ferndale road. (after queuing for 1/2 an hour at the new post office, under duress, the space in the Department Store was mind boggling.) Many questions remain ?

Safer Neighbourhood Police meeting Coldharbour ward is on at 6,30pm Angell Town Housing Office, Overton Road. Note: ring 101 to report any nuisance.

ps Nextdoor Effra is providing a good  daily updates for residents interests