Burlar Bill is on the path again! Keep your windows closed.

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Last night my garden flat got burglarised during the night when my partner and I were sleeping. The criminal got access via the patio door’s awning window that has access to the kitchen. The burglar must be quite small to slide through the window as it doesn’t open a lot and must have had help since it is very high up (over 6’4). They had access via the garden and left via the garden taking wallets, jar of coins and the key to the patio doors where they left the property. I have reported this information to the police.

Hi…we’re also garden flat on Kellett Road and someone came in to our garden the other night. They didn’t take more than our ladder but they probably used that on other flats along our road. So infuriating. I’ve since bought additional locks for the gate and a window/door alarm that works with your iPhone and sounds a loud alarm from your mobile if the window opens. Haven’t installed it yet. Hope they have cctv for you.

Ring 101 or 999 Coldharbour Safer Neighbourhood Team stats. are now up direct on their page , so we didn’t get a printout at last  meeting on 13th July next ward panel meets October 2017.

Moorlands Estate Residents rep spoke about acid thrown into at a vulnerable adult. indicate some of the drug related problems police are dealing with. The court backlog means its difficult to get cases heard and delays dealing with known criminal activity. Cuts to services and overload due to London’s tragic incidents recently, means that local officers have to deal with issues in other boroughs. A young rep of a TMO spoke to police directly about Officers dealing heavy handed and often officers were from outside the area and the good liaison work was  undone.

Late night revelry enforcements were to be looked at again.More problems around stolen mopeds etc. Sounds horribly familiar to other London areas.