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Local artist/poet/performers read at a free Library event: Berlin to Brixton: Journey’s in Poetry Weds 31st January 7-9pm Brixton Library

Friends of Brixton Library continue to  be involved with events in Lambeth Libraries, Parks and Open Spaces with Friends of Windrush Square.On WIndrush Square. today, there was a work party. Volunteers cleared up some some litter, ridding the  noticeboard of  graffiti, and weeded around the bulbs. We talked to A&C memorial PA, Joanne Jarrett  about plans for the next Windrush Anniversary event planned for June 2018 A&Cmemorial b A small fence is to be installed by the African and Carribbean Memorial Trust  Memorial (A&C) to protect the memorial. They discussed how else the local community could help at a meeting with Lambeth Parks manager Kevin Crook and Bill Linskey Chair of the  Brixton Society

You may also have seen some work on Henry Irving stone and Milestone in Windrush Square, these improvements are funded by PIL levy money that Windrush Square receives to Parks departments from events on the square. For more information contact :

New cycle hubs are going ahead on Saltoun Road ,via Lambeth   Cycling 

Other local news  Joyoga has events at Yoga Point This month’s Feature Voucher is for the
Yoga for Back Pain Class
Saturday, February 10th, 2018
18.00 – 19.30

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