News in February today 12-4pm

Today sees a Swap sale at  Brixton Pound Cafe, you may have seen their makeover. Local people have volunteered to make the cafe  even more welcoming.

A recent Age UK funded event  allowed us to drink herbal teas  sew, darn, customise and decorate.

Also there was, recently a showing of ‘Demain’ about climate change. Something for everyone.

Local people are standing as Trustees for  Brixton Green Somerleyton Trust. Despite what you and some Lambeth Councillors may think. Cooperative Housing scheme work. See 40 years of Brixton Housing Coop. At a recent community  involvement meeting Brixton Green members explained the trust policy and principles.

Job and training coming up see attached links Brixton Neighbourhood Forum next AGM at The Dept. Store  Ferndale Road Feb. 27th.

Training for for unemployed 18-25 year-olds.  There is an initial 6-week programme to develop team-working and personal skills, while gaining practical experience.  This is followed up by 1:1 mentoring to help participants achieve their goals.  If you know a young person who could benefit from New Shoots, contact

and Sleepless in Brixton is pursuing how to  get London Mayoral involvement in Night time economy plans which are detrimental to local residents. The GLA currently has a Night Time Commission which is consulting until 20 February.  This is not consultation which is open to individual residents, but a residents’ organisation such as Sleepless Brixton can make submissions, and Amy indicated that it would be very helpful for you to do so.  The consultation can be found here and responses sent to :

Individual residents can comment here:

3. The London Plan consultation is also currently open, and Amy again indicated that it would be very helpful to have representations from residents on aspects of the London Plan that relate to the night time economy.  The details are here


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