Brixton Pound Cafe Saturday March 17th Free Lunch

Yes there is such a thing as  a Brunch 11am or Lunch 1pm

Come tot Brixton Pound cafe 77 Atlantic Road today and you’ll get a chance to  Mothers of invention photographic exhibition and share a free lunch.

Lucy Cava of Brixton Pound said that at 11am and 1pm a brunch or lunch is free today, sharing Food as part of  their events Get away from the snow for an hour in warm company

  • ‘Mothers of Invention’ at Brixton Pound Café Atlantic Road ontill 9am-6pm 17th March

  • Photofusion /198 exhibition of lost spaces on Railton Road and other local projects Elephant

Also March 20th Friend sof Ttae library and Windrush Square meet up to clear up planteers in railings and discuss future greening prokects Lambethcapital spend to turf and raise or astroturf soem of teh Grassed area om=n Windrush Square,