Night-time drug activity starting again?

nw-logoWe’ve had reports of night-time drug taking and prostitution in some front gardens of Mervan Road again.

A few years ago, this quickly escalated and required a lot of policing to get rid of, so we need to act quickly.

Have you had any such problems?

If so, let us know, and contact our local Coldharbour “Safer Neighbourhoods” police team:



Missing your ceiling rose?

Ceiling roseSome local residents are getting a mold of what we believe is an original Mervan Road ceiling rose (picture attached).

If anyone is interested in getting a copy, please e-mail
The cost should be between £60 and £90 (the more copies, the cheaper they will be).
Hopefully we can then also club together to get a good price on the fitting.

Mugging on Jelf Road

nw-logoPlease take care when out late, as last week a resident of Jelf Road was mugged walking home from the tube at about 11.45pm.

He was hit around the head by someone with a weapon and knocked unconscious; his wallet and two phones were stolen, and was then left bleeding on the street.

Let’s hope this is an isolated incident!