Lost: a wallpapering table, white cake plate, black Denby dish. Found: a pair of orange trainers

Message from Vanda at 49 Rattray….

Lost – At the end of the street party on Sunday, did anyone collect my wallpapering table which was being used for the children’s crafts activities? Apparently it was stacked at the junction but when I came to get it at 9.45pm it was not there. It has “Vanda & Julia, 49 Rattray” written on it.

Found – My son found a pair of children’s orange Nike trainers (Size 1) on the street on the Monday morning after the street party. Do get in touch if they belong to your child.


Also lost by Justin on Talma Road:  big white cake plate and deep round black Denby dish.


If you can help, please comment on this message or email effrablog{at}gmail.com

The trainers don’t necessarily look like the picture, we just put that on there for fun

Claude the cat is lost ;-(

Claude_on_wall2Claude the cat has been missing from Leander Road since early March. His owners have got in touch to ask if Effrablog people can look out for him. He is a small black cat with a bushy tail and pale green eyes.

The owners write “A cat matching Claude’s description was seen on Saturday 6th April, in the gardens at Josephine Avenue / Helix Gardens, and then a little later crossing Brixton Water Lane to Effra Mansions back gardens on Crownstone Road. He looked thin, and was very scared and wouldn’t come near us.  There’s a chance it could be someone else’s cat we saw, but having had a good look at it we think it’s Claude.  If you see him, please call – any time of day or night. If you can tempt him indoors please keep him in!”
If you have any info please call Rachel – 07714 649984 or Cis 07958 566094.

Did you lose your keys yesterday?

Someone dropped their housekeys in Mervan road during the street party yesterday. Was it you? If so, email effrablog[at]gmail.com and we will arrange their return. Hope you didn’t get to spend the night on the pavement.

While we are on the subject of the street party, send us your photos and we’ll put them on the site – planning a bit of a montage.

(no photos of children without the consent of their grownups pls)

UPDATE: Did you lose a little black kitten?

Building on its recent success in reuniting cats with their owners (see here and here) Effrablog now has a new cat mystery to solve. We have been told that a very elegant young black male cat (pictured) has decided to move in unannounced with a household in Rattray Road. Who does it really belong to?

Its adopted owners say: “This lovely little black male cat has decided to move in with us. He is about 6 months old, not neutered, slim and very playful. We have called him Millo. He seems to be very comfortable wandering around the gardens between Rattray, Dalberg and Mervan road, so we think he belongs to someone in the area and maybe he got lost.”

UPDATE (22 June): An effrablog reader in Rattray Road has got in touch to say that they were feeding the cat previously because it turned up when it was very tiny looking lost in the snow. So it seems like the original owner might have lost a kitten some months ago. Was it you?

If yours, let Effrablog know straightaway and we will reunite you. All we ask in return is that you put a poster for the street party in your window….

Here’s another picture. He really is very cute.

Chickpea the cat returns home!

Good news – following massive efforts from the Brixton twitter and bloggerati, and many posters on lampposts, the small black female cat called Chickpea (pictured) that we reported lost from Dalberg Road last Saturday night, has returned home. Phew.

The owners said: “we think a Ginger Tom was keeping her out of the garden. She was thin and thirsty and a bit shaky but is fine. We would love to thank everyone for looking out for her and so many lovely people for being in touch with sightings. ”

This means that all the lost cats reported to Effrablog are now reunited with their owners, namely this one and this one in addition to Chickpea. Effrablog now considering setting up cats reunited service as a sideline….

UPDATED: Missing black cat FOUND

(updated story) It’s a good news day! The black haired cat that was reported lost by effrablog has been found. The owner writes “Someone had taken him in and threw him out after the posters went up and he found his way home”

The beautiful black haired cat, whose name is Zigzag, pictured here, is now reunited with his owners. A nice story for the end of the week.

There was another cat found in Dalberg Road recently, whose real owners have not yet been identified….

Giant Green Monkey mystery

Residents of Dalberg and Jelf Roads have recently been wondering what type of giant green monkey it is that was lost in the area, after posters were displayed on local lamposts and road signs. Alive or dead? Childs’ toy? Strange marketing ploy? Candid camera set-up? Precisely how ‘giant’ is it? Anyway, if you find one, call 07838 819936