Night-time drug activity starting again?

nw-logoWe’ve had reports of night-time drug taking and prostitution in some front gardens of Mervan Road again.

A few years ago, this quickly escalated and required a lot of policing to get rid of, so we need to act quickly.

Have you had any such problems?

If so, let us know, and contact our local Coldharbour “Safer Neighbourhoods” police team:



Watch out: spate of muggings on Mayall/Bob Marley Way

nw-logoA local resident has got in touch with Effrablog to warn readers that there have been a spate of muggings on the corner of Mayall Road and Bob Marley Way in the late evening.

They write: ” The first time I walked around the corner and a guy grabbed me by both wrists and wrestled the phone out of my hands.  The second time, I walked around the corner, and despite people being around this time as it was bonfire night, a guy pushed me to the floor and grabbed my bag and ran off with it.  Obviously I am now moving out of the area but wanted to warn other females as the police told me that another girl had also been mugged recently.


‘Safer Neighbourhoods’ meeting – 15th May

met_police_logo-nofloatnw-logoOur local Coldharbour police are holding another community ‘Safer Neighourhoods’ meeting, to discuss local policing issues and priorities.

If anyone wants to go along, the meeting is on Wednesday 15th May between 18.30 and 20.30, at the Marcus Lipton Youth Centre, Minet Road SW9 7UH