Lost: a wallpapering table, white cake plate, black Denby dish. Found: a pair of orange trainers

Message from Vanda at 49 Rattray….

Lost – At the end of the street party on Sunday, did anyone collect my wallpapering table which was being used for the children’s crafts activities? Apparently it was stacked at the junction but when I came to get it at 9.45pm it was not there. It has “Vanda & Julia, 49 Rattray” written on it.

Found – My son found a pair of children’s orange Nike trainers (Size 1) on the street on the Monday morning after the street party. Do get in touch if they belong to your child.


Also lost by Justin on Talma Road:  big white cake plate and deep round black Denby dish.


If you can help, please comment on this message or email effrablog{at}gmail.com

The trainers don’t necessarily look like the picture, we just put that on there for fun

Dear Mervan Road – time to move your cars – the street party is tomorrow, Sunday

imagesDear esteemed neighbours who live on Mervan Road:

Its that time of year again. You are extremely lucky to be the Chosen Place for the Street Party on Sunday. What could be better than having a wonderful coming together of the local community right outside your house? But – and here’s the crunch. But you need to move your car today because (a) Lambeth has authorised the road closure tomorrow morning so you will be trapped (b) you don’t really want a gazebo on top of it. You have been warned…see you tomorrow


Thanks to Lambeth Community Fund and London Community Foundation for their support for this event.


street_party_2013_3 (1)Yes, at last, the Effra Street party is this Sunday, 16th June in Mervan Road. Bring a dish to share, together with cutlery and a chair at 12 noon and sit down and eat with your neighbours.

Later on there’ll be music, poetry and (maybe) dancing. This is a community party for everyone who lives in the grid of streets covered by this website – from Saltoun Road to Effra Parade. The idea is simply to have a bit of fun.

If you want to help out, we’ll be setting up from around 9am – gazebos, kids outdoor toys, craft materials and barbeques particularly welcome.

If you want to perform on the stage, drop us an email at effrablog[at]gmail.com or just turn up looking keen.

If there’s an activity you like doing, just come and do it.

Health and Safety announcement: while there will be activities for the children, grown-ups need to be responsible for their own youngsters at all times.

Thanks to Lambeth Community Fund and London Community Foundation for their support for this event.

4 days till the street party – spare kids craft materials needed

scrapsThere’s going to be a kids craft area at the street party on Mervan Road on Sunday so now is the time to look at the back of the cupboard for those unwanted sequins, coloured scraps of paper and funny bits of cloth  – we can find a use for them! Just bring them along on the day and watch them transform into great works of art….


Thanks to Lambeth Community Fund and London Community Foundation for their support for this event.

6 days till the street party: What will you cook?

streetpartydancingThe Effra street party will be held on Mervan Road from noon this Sunday, 16th June. Bring a chair, cutlery and a dish to share. If you live in Mervan Road please make a note to move your car on Friday or Saturday – the road will be closed on Sunday morning. So now’s the time to start thinking about what you’ll bring to eat and share. Make that shopping list now! Effrablog is thinking pasta…can’t go wrong with pasta, can you? And yes we know it’s Fathers Day. Fathers also welcome.

Thanks to Lambeth Community Fund and London Community Foundation for their support for this event.

Last street party meeting – this Sunday 9th June 6pm by the Mervan Road postbox

street_party_2013_3 (1)All Effra residents are warmly invited to the Effra street party that’ll take place on Sunday 16th June from noon in Mervan Road. Bring a chair and a dish to share and we’ll have music and fun stuff in the afternoon. If you want to do a bit more, you can come earlier that day to help set up, or come to the final meeting which is on Sunday 9th June by the Mervan Road postbox at 6pm.