Countdown: 5 days till Effra street party – bring old art and craft stuff down for the kids

Only five days to go now till the World Famous* Effra Street Party to be held in Mervan Road on Sunday, 1st July from noon. Bring a chair and some food to share.

We’re expecting lots of children there so we’re going to have a craft table to make things like masks to scare the adults with. This is an excellent opportunity to bring all those little bits of string, paper, tape, paper plates and glue you have lying around to donate to a good community cause. If its glittery or coloured or feathers all the better. Bring it to the craft table and the local children will turn it into Art.

Basically its a chance to magic the junk at the back of your cupboard into smiles on the faces of children, in front of your very eyes. Job done.

If that doesn’t work, we’ll also have a pink ice cream van, games, a bouncy castle and hopefully a fire engine…

* someone logged onto Effrablog from America the other day


Bling ya bike!!!

If you think your bike or scooter isn’t cool, and don’t want to fork out for a new one, don’t despair. Come along to a Sunday afternoon “Bling ya bike” session at the St Vincent’s community centre on the corner of Talma and Probert Roads and you’ll be shown how to re-spray it to your own showy design. Or you can choose a recycled bike to work on.

The idea is the brainchild of artist Lamonte Johnson who saw the potential when a bike he had decorated for his girlfriend (to match her decorated shoes) caused such a stir that loads of people started banging on his door wanting him to do one for them.

He says: “I could have just set up a business but decided it would be better if I trained young people how to do it for themselves.”

The sessions run from 1-4pm each Sunday and most people there are between 9 and 19 years old.

This picture shows some of the results. He’s hoping to produce some bikes painted with a jubilee theme in time for the celebrations in June.

Lamonte also runs a fashion outreach project that goes to Tulse Hill and Norwood, giving young people the confidence and skills to to design their own clothing such as teeshirts and baseball caps.

You can find out more here.