Effra pub and Kellett Road on the telly

You may have noticed that temporary parking restrictions were in place in Kellett Road near the Effra pub this week for filming. An intrepid Effrablog reporter set off to find out more (ie we asked a man in a high vis vest) and discovered that it was to film a scene in a forthcoming 1970s-retro TV cop series with working title “The life of crime”. Apparently its mainly set in Ireland. You heard it here first.

This is a picture of the lights being set up outside Effra pub

Kellett Road joins Jubileemania – street party 12-6pm on Monday

Yay, there’s going to be a Jubilee party in our very own grid of streets, as well as the one at the Brix. News has just come in that Kellett Road will be getting the trestle tables out and inviting residents to share food together, from 12-6pm on Monday 4th June. Bring a dish of food to share.

It’s sponsored by our very own Effra Hall pub (this is our excuse to show you a graphic of a jubilee pint of beer). If you know of any more street parties in our grid of street, let effrablog know and we’ll give them a plug.

Of course all this jubilee stuff is just a warm-up for the mighty Effra Street Party planned for 1 July. (At the very least, it’ll be somewhere to bring any leftover plastic cutlery)