Flamenco taster classes – start now for next year’s street party

Right so we have been here before. Remember that great Street Party we held in July where our local Flamenco dancing teacher La Morenita Flamenca got us all strutting our stuff in an open class? Yes, here’s the video evidence.

Well, she is offering some taster classes to local residents to hone their skills.

So, if you secretly start now, you can wow everyone at next year’s street party. Go for it.

The details are:

Day: Sundays 18th and 25th November
Venue: Small World Dance Centre
Unit 11, Eurolink Centre, 49 Effra Rd, Brixton SW2 1BZ (Ring Doorbell 011 to be let in)
Time: 1.15 pm – 2.45 pm
Cost: £10 per session
Can be taken on a drop in basis or as a three week course.

Let us know how you get on


Effra residents exposed: photos and videos from the street party

Here’s a link to the photos from the Effra street party on 1 July

And here are some youtube videos, including the world premier of Effra residents doing French country dancing.

(And some cooler stuff, naturally…)

Effra Street Party: Sunday 1 July on Mervan Road from noon

There’s a street party in Mervan Road on Sunday – 1st July – from noon. Please bring a chair, and some food & drink to share. Cutlery might be handy as well. There’ll be trestle tables up for a big lunchtime community feast.

The road will be closed, so if you live in Mervan Road, please move your car by 10am on Sunday morning. If you fancy helping with the set-up, that’s also the time to come. We’ll be putting up bunting, assembling the stage, decorating trees etc

In the afternoon there’ll be live music and other performances on the stage, and a licensed bar run by the Effra pub (but you’re welcome to bring your own drinks too).

For the kids, activities include a bouncy castle, an ice-cream van, pavement chalking, ping pong and an arts and crafts table. And possibly a fire engine (emergencies permitting…)

We’ll wind things up when it starts to get dark.

With thanks to Martin Barry estate agents, Herne Hill Forum, Effra Tavern, Lambeth council, London Fire Brigade and the police for their help and support.

Oi, Mervan Road – pls move your cars, its 2 days till the street party

Dear esteemed neighbours who live on Mervan Road:

You are extremely lucky to be the Chosen Place for this year’s Effra Street Party on Sunday. What could be better than having a wonderful coming together of the local community right outside your house? But – and here’s the crunch. You need to move your car either today, Friday, or tomorrow, Saturday. Not least because Lambeth has authorised the road closure so you will be trapped. But in particular because you don’t really want a gazebo on top of it. You have been warned…

3 days till the Effra Street Party: buy food, get cooking

The Effra Street party is on Sunday on Mervan Road from noon. The community is coming together. The Effra Hall is selling drink. Local musicians will play. Cars will be moved and pavements will be chalked. We’re borrowing a stage from the Herne Hill Forum and a microphone from one of Aron’s mates. Trestle tables, gazebos and barbeque kits are being requisitioned from far and wide. An ice cream vans and (hopefully) a fire engine will be there for the little ones along with an arts and crafts table to make masks to scare the grown-ups.

So now’s the time for the important bit: IT’S A FEAST. This means we need FOOD. Basically everyone brings some food and drink and we share. So it’s Thursday today and the street party is on Sunday. Time to get cooking!! Effrablog is considering something involving rice. And beer. (But separately.)

4 days to go to Effra street party – do you have a gazebo?

OK so the weather forecast isn’t perfect. There are some things that even Effrablog can’t control. But its GOING TO BE BETTER THAN THE JUBILEE.

Just in case, we thought it might be a good idea to requisition all available gazebos in the area. Have you got one? If so please bring it down. And barbeques of course. Effrablog can arrange transportation if required.

The Effra street party will be in Mervan Road on Sunday, 1st July from noon. There’ll be music, food and fun. Bring a chair and food to share. More details here

Only 6 days till the Effra Street Party – time to find the old barbeque set

The Effra Street party will be held on Mervan Road from noon this Sunday, 1st July. Bring a chair and food to share. We’re looking to have as many barbeques on the go as possible. Do you have one? If so, please bring it down or let effrablog know and we’ll arrange transport.

Budding chefs wearing aprons and expertly branding various kitchen implements also much in desire…